myself Hello, this is Jean-Michaël. I am a freelance researcher, interested in art, code, computer music and interactive show control. I spend my free time on the ossia software ecosystem for intermedia creation. I also take part to the initiative.

I did my engineering curriculum and my doctorate, with an inclination towards computer science and multimedia technologies, at the ENSEIRB-MATMECA and the Université de Bordeaux.

You can check out my thesis and hopefully tell me if you see any improvement that could be made :-)

I play guitar and dabble in music in general, love pen & paper RPGs and board games, enjoy cooking, taking night strolls in random foreign cities, and my sweet kitten Shashimi.


I’ve worked, in no particular order:

My main tools are recent dialects of C++, Qt, Boost, and CMake. I mostly do my work under Linux systems and am a strong proponent of free, libre and open-source software. I license my own work under AGPLv3 as far as a I can.

I have experience with a fair amount of programming language paradigms and favor the type-level computations that C++ enables most; I ran a short-lived user group in Bordeaux in 2019. I sometimes use QML for non-desktop user interfaces and have a long love & hate relationship with OCaml.

I am interested in all the languages and tools geared towards creative coding: OpenFrameworks, Faust, PureData, OpenMusic, Processing, Cinder, Max/MSP, ChucK…

Slow software has a tendency to make my hands shake – I prefer (Lua)LaTeX to web technologies.

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